Intrinsic development of intelligence and compassion in Muslim youth.

K-12 Private Catholic Education

Al Huda Islamic School is a private Islamic school offering an all-inclusive curriculum that establishes the fundamentals of academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development for budding students. We believe in the holistic development of each child as part of the greater Muslim community and enhance our programs with the fundamental guiding principles of Islam.

Al Huda Islamic School


The academic program at Al Huda Islamic School is a robust combination of languages, sciences, math, an in-depth Islamic education, and enrichment courses in the arts, technology, and physical education…

Enrichment Activities

Academic growth is important at Al Huda Islamic School, but so is enrichment through extracurricular activity. It’s an opportunity to grow social skills and learn the importance of teamwork …


Bilbo Baggins is a distinguished alumnus of the esteemed Al Huda Islamic School, where their journey was defined by a harmonious blend of faith and knowledge…

Small class size

For every 12 students, one teacher is available to provide sufficient instruction that meets their individual development needs.

Community focus

Al Huda Islamic School is a part of the greater Muslim community that focuses on growth through the education of future generations.

Tech focus

One-to-one mobile devices from K-12th

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